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① Innovation: changing corrugated boxes that need to be discarded into "free", soft, fluffy, green packaging fillers

② High return: waste paper is sold at a price of only 1600 yuan / ton, the value after expandable cardboard box machine will be more than 3 times, the profit is very considerable

③ Wide range of uses: manufacturing, logistics and transportation, mechanical and electrical machinery, automotive accessories, medical care, furniture / home appliances / cosmetics / health care stores, etc.

④ Green environmental protection: paper products, recycling, no pollution sources, and can be used as a substitute for some chemical products

⑤ High performance-price ratio: this product is produced by high and new technology enterprises. In the export of most of the products, microcomputer control, design of security device, photoelectric detection, safety protection of human nature, and automatic cutting of paper rack and paperboard are adopted. Is the only batch production machine, the price of the same type of imported 60%-70%, and can be customized processing for exporters.


"Cardboard box shredder,also is known as carton packing and filling machine, is used for end users of corrugated cartons (color boxes)."

Such as: precision instruments, motors, electrical appliances, electronic spare parts, mechanical parts, gears, valves, pneumatic components, control elements (fluid valves), power transmission and parts, auto parts, glass, ceramics, handicrafts, Furniture, home appliances, health products, cosmetics, digital communications, etc.


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